The Heritage L150 Fret Level and Setup

For those not in the know, these guitars are made in the original factory (or part of it) that Gibson guitars were made in in Kalamazoo. The company was started by ex Gibson employees who wanted to continue the tradition of high quality, hand made guitars.

This guitar came in with the owner complaining of excessive fret buzz. The action was very low but on further inspection I found the bridge to be mismatched to the radius of the fret board, which was much more curved meaning the D and G strings in particular were too close to the frets. On top if this there were a number of high frets so I decided to tackle these first and come back to the bridge later on.

As it turned out I was able to set up guitar fine with the mismatched bridge, but I did so with man advisory that the bridge be looked at in the future if the owner wanted to get the absolute best out of this guitar.