The Bohicas Pedal Board Service

Had a bit of work from The Bohicas; 3 pedal boards and 4 guitars in for a service. Here’s the first of the boards. Main issue was grease on the pedals causing the Velcro to fail. Other than that this was just a tidy apart from the big muff, which had two points broken on the ribbon cable connecting the foot switch to the circuit board.

The second board from the Bohicas. This board had a few more issues, the Velcro carpet wasn’t even glued down to the board and had a few staples holding it down. Not good enough for heavy pedals. Then we had a broken 9v socket, a foots witch that had fallen into the box, some broken screws and some patch cables that weren’t long enough.

The last of the boards from The Bohicas. Much bigger than the other two and needed a bit more attention. The acoustic carpet that had been used as a backing was no longer fit for purpose. I find that this stuff will work for short while but eventually the fibres stretch snd they won’t hold a pedal in place. Didn’t have time to get proper Velcro carpet so just had to swap like for like. Other than that, just a few raised platforms to build here and there and the odd 9v socket to replace.