Squire Stratocaster Bullet Series

This Squire had intermittent issues with the output which turned out to be a combination of issues caused by a faulty switch and dirt in the pots. I cleaned the pots and had to replace the switch. The bridge pickup was broken on one side and had collapsed as there was no longer any height adjustment, I made a new piece of flat work to fit over the magnet and wires to effectively replace the screw hole.

All of the screws were badly corroded in their holes, possibly from where the guitar had been stored but more likely form the guitar not been wiped down after the last time it was played, before it went into storage. Here’s an example of why you should wipe your guitar down. Luckily these are still just serviceable.

The neck pocket was in pretty bad shape and looked like it had been attached with a sander at some point, possibly in the factory and a shim was require to get the neck looking right. The frets were pitted but as this guitar is for a learner it didn’t need to be perfect, just playable.

The trem claw had been tightened so much one of the screws had gone into the pickup cavity, luckily it didn’t cause any damage.