New Truss Rod and Fingerboard on Gibson ES325

I’ve been working on this guitar for quite some time as it wasn’t until I really started looking at it on the bench that I realised just how bad it’s issues where. Initially the owner was complaining about high action and the frets where very very flat (and massive). The neck was bowed and on inspection I found the end of the truss rod had snapped off at some point and a repair had been attempted. Unfortunately the repair had just crushed the wood around the truss rod access and the rod was really tight but not doing anything useful. There were also some issues with the wiring but I figured I’d come back to that.

It was agreed that the best thing to do would be remove the old truss rod and fit a new one. At this point I was thinking I’d save the original fretboard but when it came down to it the re-fret that had been done already looked to have messed ups the slots quite a lot and making a new fretboard would be easier and better moving forward.

Getting the old rod out was massive task but once this was done the rest was just time consuming.

Massive thanks to Jon Shuker on this one for his help and advice, without which I wouldn’t have been able to do this job.