Les Paul Project

Some of you may recognise this guitar, I did some work on it last year and it’s returned after the owner gave it a relic paint job to be finished off.

Everything was pretty straight forward, tuners installed, wiring, nut etc but when I thought I’d almost finished I plugged the guitar in and it sounded like the pickup was tapped. I checked and it wasn’t but when I measured the pickup I got some very odd readings.

The pickups total resistance was around 10k but when I measured each coil one came out around 3.5k and the other around 6.5k so they were totally mismatched and would explain the odd sound. When I took the pickup apart it became clear that it had been tampered with at some point in it’s life, the grey electrical tape isn’t standard Seymour Duncan as far as I’m aware.

I rewound the pickup and it’s now doing around 9k and has a solid PAF rocky tone.