Fret Level and New Nut on Taylor 314CE

This Taylor had some dead spots and had taken a knock when its been worked on by somebody else. The nut had also been shimmed with a bit of magazine and wasn’t really helping with anything.

I plugged the dent on the fingerboard with some Ebony dust, this is a fairly easy fix and I’m not sure why whoever did the work (and damage) previously didn’t do this? Very strange.

On Inspection the frets were all over the place but I was able to level them, just. The next time this guitar has nay work sone it’ll be a re-fret, I’m not sure what’s happened but either the fret jib was really bad or the neck/fingerboard has twisted and distorted for some reason. I replaced the nut with one made from bone and took a little off the bottom of the saddle the compensate for the slight lower frets. We all agreed that it plays great now. I guess I would say that though…