Fret Level and more on homemade “Gretsch”

This guitar was made from a kit bought online and came in with the owner complaining about bad intonation when using a capo. I suspected the strings were too high at the nut (which they were) but I also discovered that the fret job left a lot to be desired and that the bridge was not quite where is should be. I decided a fret level was in order and in doing the work found massive dips and bend in the fret which can’t have been helping the tuning issues. That’s the thing with these cheap kits, all the parts are there but they might not have been finished to a high standard if they’ve been finished at all.

Still, with a bit of work I managed to bring this guitar (kicking and screaming) back to life. Luckily the bridge wasn’t too far out that it wouldn’t intonate which is good, as moving that would have been a very big job!