Epiphone Les Paul Repairs

This Les Paul had quite a few issues when it came into the workshop. The main issue was the tail piece was coming out of the body but when I inspected the guitar it soon came apparent there was more to do. The nut had been replaced at some point quite badly and it was sitting at an angle. One of the control knobs had broken, the bridge had collapsed, the pickup frames had been installed backwards and the jack plate was broken. Is that everything? Oh, and it had acoustic guitar strings on it.

First I needed to repair the tailpiece. The studs were loose and falling out of the body. Unfortunately this must have been happening for a while as the holes were distorted and out of shape where the stud had been resting out of it’s hole. I needed to re-drill the holes to accommodate some larger 1/2 inch studs. Once fitted I addressed the other issues, first the nut and then the other things as I worked through the setup.

This guitar could benefit from a new bridge and a fret level, possibly a re-fret.