Another Les Paul Headstock Repair and more…

This Les Paul has had two breaks in its past and one had started to open up, possibly because there wasn’t enough glue used on the original repair or may another fracture had developed next to the original break. Who knows. I had to open the break a little with clamps to get glue in and it went back together well.

This guitar is well played and the repair was never going to be invisible so lacquer was applied to protect the break more than anything else.

The owner also requested that the pots be swapped on the neck pick up, the volume for a vintage taper, with 50’s wiring as they were struggling with the top end on that position. I’ve got to be honest I’m not sure what difference a vintage taper really makes, but 50’s wiring is something I use on my own guitars. I’d be interested to hear what the owner makes of the change. If it doesn’t work I’d be tempted to look at a humbucker with a different magnet or a humbucker size P90 maybe?