70’s Yamaha SG30a

This old Yamaha came in with a broken saddle and in need of a little TLC. The first problem I had was actually getting the broken saddle out as the head had twisted off the screw, which was bent and jammed in there bridge. With a little encouragement (with a file) I managed to remove it and save the saddle I then had the job of finding a screw that would fit the bolt and the bridge. Luckily an old pickup screw was a perfect fit, if a little long but I was able to cut it down and it worked a treat. After that I gave the guitar a deep clean and a set up.

Im my opinion the bridge isn’t in the correct place as to intonate the guitar I had to push them all the way to the back and it still wasn’t quite there. Moving the bridge would take more than the guitar is with though.

A great old guitar that I wasn’t familiar with until now.