1962 Fender Telecaster Re-fret

This old Tele came in for a re-fret. It’s a players guitar and has been re-finished at some point, along with some other mods including something like a P90 being added in the bridge and then changed back again at some point in it’s life.

The fretboard was heavily pitted and I didn’t have much choice but to leave some of it when I levelled the board, I think it’s more in keeping with the guitar anyway.

The nut was in bad shape and was rounded over on the bottom edges meaning it didn’t sit right so I decided to replace it with a new bone one. The owner also asked for the wring to be put back to standard. Hopefully this guitar will be played for another fifty something years.

Foe some reason some of my photos won’t rotate so apologies if you get neck ache!