Guitar Headstock Repair Jig. Almost there…

The guitar headstock repair jig is taking shape. Just finalising the position of the toggle clamps and then I just need to figure out once and for all how I’m going to mount the threaded bars or bolts that will push down on the top of the headstock via a peace of wood packing.

The great thing about this jig is that it holds the guitar from all sides and puts pressure on the all the places you need. More often than not when I’m working on a headstock repair I’ll have to come up with some convoluted way to pull everything together where the clamps just won’t get to. Then when you add glue into the equation and everything starts to slide around you start to wish that you had another pair of hands.

I’m already thinking of ways I can improve my design based on David Collins original, this could eat up a lot more time! Fingers crossed though I’ll test it out early next week.

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